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Hot Casino Blackjack

Because blackjack is such a popular game, you can play the standard or classic versions just about anywhere on the web – but if you are looking for something a bit more exciting, then there are plenty of other twists and variations too. One of these that you might wish to try out is hot casino blackjack, which you can find at a number of different sites and which is easy to play once you get your head around the ways in which the rules change in order to make it all more exciting for you as a player.

If you are looking to play hot casino blackjack then we can tell you a bit here about how it works, so that you are prepared if you do find somewhere that offers it or so that you can decide whether or not you want to go out in search of it in the first place. Rather than playing just one round at a time as you would in normal blackjack, this game takes the concept a bit further by putting five hands together as one and giving you the chance to not only play them all at the same time but also to consider them as one hand overall. The idea is to score as well as you can in each hand, just as you would in regular blackjack games – you want to get as close to the hand total of twenty one as you possibly can by taking extra cards without going over that total, which of course is known as going bust. There is no difference between the way that the cards are ranked in normal games and how they are ranked here, so you should have no worries there! When you look at all of your hands you have to add up the total which they come to as a whole, and this will give you a bigger overall score: if you get a score of more than one hundred and three, for which you would need an average of twenty points in each hand and which is of course quite difficult to achieve, then you are given an extra bonus round of the game in which you can once again pit yourself against the dealer and the luck of the cards in order to see if you can get a great win overall.

The scoring system in hot casino blackjack will give you extra points if you manage to actually score a blackjack or if you get a five card trick, so watch out for those as a way to get yourself closer to the bonus round. You will have a number of so called skip cards to use, so that if you do not like the card which has come out of the deck you can just skip it altogether – but beware, if you run out of skips and have nowhere to put the next card then the blackjack game will end, perhaps prematurely.

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